EVA Scotland Meeting with Transport Scotland

A quick report on the regular meeting EVA Scotland have with ChargePlace Scotland and Transport Scotland

EVA Scotland Meeting with Transport Scotland
  • Posted by: Neil Swanson
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​TS provided an update on the developments on the Programme for Government as it affected the EV programme. A more focussed EV function with a higher budget is in the pipeline, moving the work away from being a “cottage industry” to a mainstream activity. Additional staffing is expected for projects like the electrification of the A9, as well as the strengthening of the charge point network. Initial studies are already in hand for the A9 project, with further news expected in the coming months.

There will be a more intense branding of the ChargePlace Scotland network, which we have already seen on the new colourful chargers. Our expectation is that this will expand into greater and better signage for charge points, including signs on trunk roads indicating where and how far to the next chargepoint(s). A focus could be expected on charge point installations that will encourage visitor to towns along routes, with an objective to help support and grow local economies.

EVA Scotland recognise that the Scottish Government is sending a strong signal that it continues to promote and encourage the growth of low carbon transport, in all areas, particularly EVs. We expect to be able to share more specific news later in the year.

ChargePlace Scotland report that the Whitelist is now rolled out to all bar three Rapids, each of which will require a site visit to set up. Similarly, AC posts should also now have the Whitelist, with the exception of some APT units, which require some development work by the manufacturer. Communications trials are underway at Ullapool, Mallaig, Roybridge, Dunkeld and Kirkwall to alleviate the known comms blackspots. Also of interest, the majority of chargers have roaming SIMs installed, so are not dependant on a single cellular network signal.

The issue of maintenance was discussed, with some diverse issues raised. There is no panacea for these problems, but a number of possible approaches are to be further discussed to speed up processes. EVA Scotland would encourage our Members to report any faults encountered to the ChargePlace Scotland Helpline number to ensure a full record is kept of problems.